Hi, I'm Ashley Ludwig.

I am an ever traveling, adventurous Ohio wedding photographer who specializes in all things love. I tell visual stories for a living and it gives me more joy than I can explain to get to know so many new lovers, both individually and as a whole.

When I'm not photographing love birds you can find me in North East Ohio, probably either rock climbing, at the gym, or drinking an oat milk latte on my front porch. I visit Canada and the mountains as many times during the year as possible and I usually food tour my way through new cities (which I'm convinced is the best way to explore). I am 100% a winter person, ENFP and a total Enneagram 4. I also clearly love online quizzes. My husband and I have been married for three years, together for eight, and man has it been an adventure. He always inspires the love in my images and in my life.

Being in front of the camera was an entirely different world at my wedding and I finally understood how my clients feel! But what's more is what happened after. It was 32 degrees and rainy/snowy on my wedding day and it was perfect for us. Now, every time I look at those images, I am drowning in pure joy and huge smiles. That's all I want for my clients -- to give them images they can feel themselves in when they look back.