What is associate work?

In the spring of 2020, ´╗┐Juliana Kaderbek was looking to expand her brand and scope of service and I was looking for new ways to serve couples in the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio market, while having time and space to overhaul my brand, expand my goals, and grow my family. Instead of starting an endless, arduous search for someone with similar style, personality, goals for their clients, taste and love for service, the first day of looking ended up being a true moment of serendipity.

Brides and grooms who book through Juliana can now choose to book their wedding with her behind the camera or myself, both options ensuring they receive quality service and genuine art in line with her brand and aesthetic to remember their moments in love, now with more open dates available than ever. Collectively we get to make such a huge impact on our market and work together to deliver the same flawless work she's been producing for years

How does it work?

Simple! I photograph the event or session and all photo processing, product delivery, and communication is done by Juliana. Knowing her has been an absolute treasure and shooting for her engagements and weddings has allowed me to know and come to love so many clients that I hold dear. I am beyond thankful for a wonderful partner and friend.

Note: All photos displayed here were photographed and processed by me. All client received images are handled and delivered by Juliana and may appear different.